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Beginner’s Guide to PicsArt Online Photo Editing

Picsart is a versatile online photo editing platform that offers a wide range of creative tools and features. With Picsart, users can enhance and transform their photos with filters, effects, stickers, and more. It’s a popular choice for those looking to add a creative touch to their images and create stunning visual content.

How to Picsart Online Photo Editing?

To use Picsart for online photo editing, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Picsart Website: Go to the Picsart website ( on your web browser.
  2. Sign In or Create an Account: If you have a Picsart account, sign in. If not, you can create a free account.
  3. Upload Your Photo: Click on the “Upload” or “Start Editing” button to upload the photo you want to edit. You can also choose to start with a blank canvas.

Edit Your Photo

  • Basic Edits: Use the tools on the left sidebar to perform basic edits such as cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Filters: Explore the wide range of filters available to enhance the look of your photo. Simply click on a filter to apply it.
  • Effects: Add creative effects to your photo from the “Effects” tab. Adjust the intensity to your liking.
  • Stickers: Choose from an extensive library of stickers to add fun elements to your photo.
  • Text: Add text to your image, choosing from various fonts, colors, and styles.
  • Draw: Use the drawing tool to doodle or make custom edits on your image.
  • Cutout: Create artistic compositions by removing the background or isolating objects using the “Cutout” tool.
  • Brushes: Experiment with brushes for painting and artistic effects.
  • Save Your Edit: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, click the “Save” button. You can choose the format and quality of the saved image.
  • Export or Share: After saving, you can export the edited photo to your device or directly share it on social media platforms.
  • Explore More Features: Picsart offers additional features like collage making, drawing, and more. Explore these options to further customize your photos.
  • Upgrade to Picsart Gold: Picsart offers a premium subscription called Picsart Gold, which unlocks even more advanced features and removes ads.

That’s it! You’ve successfully edited your photo using Picsart’s online photo editing platform.

A to Z Tips and Tricks for beginners using Picsart Online Photo Editing

A – Auto-Enhance: Start by using the “Auto-Enhance” feature to quickly improve the overall look of your photo.

B – Brushes: Experiment with the various brush tools to add artistic touches, like painting or doodling.

C – Crop and Rotate: Use the Crop and Rotate tools to adjust the composition and orientation of your image.

D – Double Exposure: Try the Double Exposure effect to blend two photos for a creative and surreal look.

E – Effects: Explore the extensive Effects library to apply unique filters and styles to your photos.

F – Filters: Picsart offers a wide range of filters; don’t hesitate to experiment with different ones to find your favorite.

G – Gradients: Apply gradients to create smooth transitions or dramatic color effects in your images.

H – Hair Color: Use the Hair Color tool to change the color of hair in portraits.

I – Invert: Try the Invert effect to create intriguing negative versions of your photos.

J – Join Collages: Create captivating photo collages by joining multiple images together.

K – Keyframes: Animate your edits by using the Keyframes feature to add motion to your images.

L – Lens Flare: Add a touch of drama with the Lens Flare tool, perfect for enhancing outdoor and sunset photos.

M – Masks: Utilize masks to precisely control where your effects and edits are applied.

N – Noise Reduction: Reduce image noise and enhance clarity using the Noise Reduction tool.

O – Overlays: Layer additional images or textures onto your photos with the Overlays feature.

P – Perspective: Correct perspective distortion in architectural photos using the Perspective tool.

Q – Quick Save: Save your progress frequently to avoid losing your work.

R – Redeye Removal: Easily eliminate red-eye in portraits with the Redeye Removal tool.

S – Stickers: Customize your photos by adding fun stickers from the vast collection available.

T – Text: Enhance your images with text overlays using various fonts, colors, and styles.

U – Undo/Redo: Don’t worry about making mistakes; use the Undo and Redo buttons to correct or redo your edits.

V – Vibrance: Boost colors in a more subtle way than saturation using the Vibrance tool.

W – Watermark: Protect your work by adding a watermark to your images.

X – X-Ray Effect: Try the X-Ray Effect to create intriguing and unconventional edits.

Y – YouTube Tutorials: Explore Picsart’s official YouTube channel for tutorials and inspiration.

Z – Zoom In/Out: Use the zoom function to work on fine details or get an overall view of your edit.

Happy editing with Picsart!

Picsart Oil Paint face smooth Online photo editing

To achieve an oil paint effect and smooth face in your photos using Picsart Online Photo Editing, follow these steps:

Upload Your Photo

  • Go to the Picsart website ( and sign in or create a free account if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the “Upload” button to upload the photo you want to edit.

Apply the Oil Paint Effect

  • Once your photo is uploaded, click on the “Effects” tab on the left sidebar.
  • Search for “Oil Paint” or browse through the available effects until you find an oil paint filter or effect that you like.
  • Apply the selected oil paint effect to your photo by clicking on it.

Smooth the Face

  • After applying the oil paint effect, you can further smooth the face for a more polished look.
  • Click on the “Retouch” tab on the left sidebar.
  • Choose the “Smooth” tool.
  • Adjust the brush size and strength of the smoothing effect to your liking.
  • Carefully brush over the areas of the face you want to smooth, such as the skin.
  • Be cautious not to over-smooth, as it can make the image look unnatural.

Save Your Edited Photo

  • Once you are satisfied with the oil paint effect and the smoothing of the face, click on the “Save” button.
  • Choose the format and quality for your edited image and click “Export” to save it to your device.

Optional: Add Final Touches

  • If desired, you can further enhance your edited photo by adding text, stickers, or other effects available in Picsart.

Remember to practice and experiment with different settings to achieve the desired oil paint and smoothing effects while maintaining a natural look.

Lightroom Online photo Editing

While Picsart and Lightroom are separate photo editing tools, you can certainly use them together to enhance your photos. Here’s a general guide on how to use Picsart and Lightroom for online photo editing:

Using Picsart for Creative Edits

  1. Upload Your Photo to Picsart: Start by uploading your photo to Picsart. You can do this by visiting the Picsart website or using the Picsart mobile app.
  2. Explore Picsart’s Features: Picsart offers a wide range of creative tools, including filters, effects, stickers, text, and drawing. Experiment with these features to achieve the desired look for your photo.
  3. Edit and Enhance: Use Picsart to edit and enhance your photo as needed. You can adjust brightness, contrast, colors, and apply artistic effects to your image.
  4. Add Creative Elements: Picsart allows you to add stickers, text, and drawings to your photo. This is where you can get creative and add unique elements to your image.
  5. Save Your Edited Photo: Once you’re satisfied with the edits you’ve made in Picsart, save your photo to your device or cloud storage.

Using Lightroom for Fine-Tuning

  1. Import Your Edited Photo to Lightroom: Open Adobe Lightroom and import the photo you edited in Picsart.
  2. Fine-Tune Adjustments: Lightroom is known for its powerful editing capabilities. You can further fine-tune settings like exposure, highlights, shadows, and more to perfect your image.
  3. Crop and Straighten: Lightroom offers precise cropping and straightening tools to improve the composition of your photo.
  4. Color Corrections: Adjust the color balance, saturation, and vibrance to get the colors exactly as you want them.
  5. Export Your Final Photo: After making any necessary adjustments in Lightroom, export your final edited photo.

By using Picsart for creative edits and Lightroom for fine-tuning and advanced adjustments, you can achieve professional-quality results. This combined approach allows you to leverage the strengths of both tools for your online photo editing needs.


Can I use Picsart Online Photo Editing for free?

Yes, Picsart online photo editing offers a free version with a wide range of editing tools and features. However, they also offer a premium subscription called Picsart Gold for additional benefits.

Is PicsArt online photo editing suitable for beginners?

Yes, PicsArt provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive tools that cater to both beginners and experienced editors.

How can I access PicsArt online photo editing on my computer or mobile device?

You can access PicsArt online through a web browser on your computer or by downloading the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Are there step-by-step tutorials for beginners on PicsArt online photo editing?

Yes, PicsArt offers tutorials and guides on their website to help users enhance various types of photos effectively.

Can I collaborate with others on photo editing projects using PicsArt online?

Yes, PicsArt allows collaboration on creative projects, enabling you to work with others in real-time.

What image file formats are supported for uploading and saving on PicsArt online photo editing?

PicsArt supports common image formats like JPEG and PNG for both uploading and saving edited images.

Is there a limit to the number of photos I can edit for free with PicsArt online?

There is no strict limit to the number of photos you can edit for free, but certain advanced features may be limited unless you have PicsArt Gold.

How do I access and edit my photos across different devices with PicsArt online?

If you have a PicsArt account, you can access your edited photos from any device by logging in.

Can I discover and apply unique artistic effects and filters in PicsArt online photo editing?

Yes, PicsArt offers a vast library of creative effects and filters to add artistic flair to your photos.

How does PicsArt online photo editing ensure the security of my personal information and data?

PicsArt takes user privacy and data security seriously. Your personal information is protected, and you can review their privacy policy for more details on data handling.

Conclusion: is the go-to source for unlocking the complete creative spectrum of the renowned PicsArt photo editing application. Discover an extensive array of premium features and tools that elevate your editing journey. Transform your photography and design endeavors with today.

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